Shoalstone Guest House, Brixham

COVID-19 Secure Policy

The Shoalstone Guest House aims to ensure the safety of all guests and staff. It is important that guests who have booked to stay with us read and understand this document and the changes we have made to our service to reduce the risks to us all.

As a business, we have a duty of care to reduce risks to the lowest practicable level by taking preventative measures. In order to facilitate this, we have conducted a risk assessment in line with government guidelines on how to open safely while mitigating the risk of contracting COVID-19.

This document outlines the preventative measures put in place and changes to the way we operate our business whilst COVID-19 remains a public health emergency.

The following measures are not fixed and are subject to change dependent on government advice and our understanding, judgement, and discretion.

Your agreement to follow our COVID-19 policy whilst staying with us is kindly requested and forms part of our Terms and Conditions of booking. We will email a link to this document prior to your stay and unless we hear from you otherwise, we will assume that you are happy to continue with your booking on this basis. Should you wish to rearrange your stay to a later date, when things are more normal, please get in touch.


If you or anyone one within your party are displaying COVID-19 symptoms i.e. fever of 38 degrees or more, runny nose/sneezing (not hay fever related), dry persistent cough, extreme tiredness, sore/aching muscles, loss of smell or taste, or you suspect yourself or anyone in your party have COVID-19 please do not travel to Brixham and instead stay at home and self-isolate as per government guidelines. We will be happy to reschedule your visit for later in the year or next year at no extra cost.

Prior to the day of arrival, please can you inform us of your estimated time of arrival. In the event that we have multiple arrivals simultaneously, we kindly ask guests to be patient, wait outside or in your car and give at least 2m space for yourselves and other guests.

If a track and trace app is available at the time of your stay, please download it to your phone before you set out to Brixham.

Entering and leaving the building

The outer door is never locked and unless raining, we leave it open so there is no need for guests to touch the outer handles when entering/exiting the building.

We do keep the inner door locked and shut at all times (unless we are in and airing the building). Access to the inner main door is by key and will involve using the handle.

Hands-free alcohol hand sanitiser dispensers have been provided for all of our safety. These are located just inside the main front door on the blue dresser and on the console table on the first-floor landing. We kindly ask guests to ensure that they sanitise hands as they enter the building.

Only people staying at The Shoalstone are allowed on the premises.


We will only be able to check-in one party at a time, so if other guests are in the entrance hall when you arrive, please wait outside until the entrance hall has cleared.

If anyone is displaying or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms on arrival, we will request that you and your party return home and self-isolate as per government guidelines. We will happily re-arrange your stay for another time at no extra cost.

All documentation is usually completed prior to arrival so there should be nothing to sign or complete. We will also ask guests to pay balances online in the two weeks leading up to arrival in order to minimise face-to-face contact time when you are in the guest house. If payment has not already been taken, the balance will be paid in full on arrival.

Keys, which will have been cleaned and sanitised prior to your arrival, will be placed in your room.

Help with luggage to your room is available if required.

A welcome sheet will be in your room providing key information about your stay at The Shoalstone (including the wi-fi code), and the main points of our COVID-19 policy. This has been printed just for you and will be recycled at the end of your stay.

Movement within and around the building

When entering or leaving the building please try to ensure that you keep 2 metres from other people. There are places on the ground floor and first floor landing that can be used to give way to other guests using the stairs and corridors. You may need to give way by entering/momentarily waiting in your room.

The Guest Lounge is available for use between 11am-11pm. A maximum of two household groups can meet in the guest lounge in line with current government guidance (this is subject to change at owners’ discretion). Two sofas are available to guests – these are placed 2 metres apart. Two chairs are available in the window area to allow guests within the same household/bubble to sit and enjoy the sea views,.

Guest Room

Prior to your arrival, and to minimise your risk of contracting Covid-19, your room will be deep cleaned and sanitised. To minimise further risks of both guests and staff being infected with the virus and to give us sufficient time to facilitate thorough deep cleaning/sanitisation of rooms between guest stays, we will not routinely enter or service the rooms on a daily basis. If your stay is more than four days, we will offer to clean your room and change linens when you are out of your room.

In line with government advice, and where possible, collateral including guest attraction leaflets, hair dryers, the welcome book, spare blankets, soft furnishings/decorative cushions and toiletries have been removed from guest bedrooms to help us minimise risk. Please bring your own toiletries and tissues etc to help us with this (liquid hand soap is provided by bathroom sinks). If you require a hair dryer, please ask when you check in and we’ll be happy to help. Carpets, curtains and other soft furnishings cannot be practicably sanitised and we therefore remind guests to wash hands after drawing the curtains or touching any soft furnishings within the rooms prior to eating or touching the face.

We ask guests to ensure toilet lids are closed when flushing to minimise aerosol droplets being created. We will leave toilet cleaner/disinfectant in each guest bathroom. If any other cleaning materials are required during your stay, please ask and we will be happy to supply.

We have provided large bins for recycling and rubbish on the first floor. Please tie and place used waste bags in the appropriate bin. Spare bin liners have been placed under the current bag in use. You will find a list of recyclable items on the information sheet in your room. Please place all these items (empty, of course) in the main recycling bin and we will empty and sort daily.

Please request any hospitality tray items that you require e.g. tea bags, coffee sachets, milk, fresh water, clean cups/glasses etc. when you come down to breakfast and we will package them up for you to take back to your room. Let us know if you need replacement toilet rolls and we can leave these outside your door. Dirty crockery can be left on the tray on the console table on the first floor or on the tray at reception and we will remove it.


To maintain social distancing and minimise risk, we have reduced the number of tables in the breakfast room and have put two tables into the lounge area. Tables have been placed to maximise distances so that people from different tables are not closely facing one another.

Depending on how many people are staying at the guest house at any one time, we may extend our usual breakfast ‘window’. Guests will be allocated a table and a time to come down to breakfast and all breakfast items will be pre-ordered the night before. Time slots are on a first come, first served basis and cannot be booked prior to arrival, although may be able to be changed during the stay. Your table number will correspond to your room number. We will bring all breakfast items out from the kitchen (including cutlery) and place them on an empty table for you to collect to avoid close contact.

Guests are requested to fill out the breakfast order form for the following morning and leave it on reception by 7pm the night before. We will leave enough forms in your room for the number of days of your stay.

Evening meals

At this point in time, it is not clear how many restaurants will be open and we suggest you check each individual place’s website or social media for further information. You are strongly advised to book restaurants for all nights of your stay well in advance due to restrictions on the number of places open and their numbers of tables. With this in mind, the breakfast room will be available by prior arrangement only for guests to eat takeaway food and if we are at home, we can supply plates and cutlery. This facility will need to be booked in advance, due to social distancing, and is on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed. Takeaways cannot be consumed in the guest lounge or guest bedrooms.


Covid-19 is an enveloped virus and is deemed easier to kill whilst outside of a living body through the use of an effective sanitising agent. We use sanitiser sprays which are accredited to BS EN 1276, BS EN13727, BS EN13697 and BS EN14476 to minimise the risk to guests and staff of contracting the virus via contaminated hard surfaces within The Shoalstone i.e. frequently touched objects such as door handles, stair rails, bathroom surfaces including door handles, sinks, shower heads/dials/rails, toilet seats etc. and hard surfaces within rooms including bedside cabinets, remote controls and light switches.

Objects that are touched at a high frequency such as external/internal door handles, stair rails, areas on doors used for opening/closing other hard surface that people could potentially touch will be sanitised regularly. As the sanitiser dries, it leaves behind no chemical residue and is not harmful to the environment or the user.

Appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) including face masks, aprons and nitrile gloves will be used to clean bedrooms then disposed of and a new set used for the next room. New cleaning cloths are also used for each bedroom to prevent cross-contamination. We will take similar precautions when cleaning common areas.

Barrier fabrics such as mattress protectors and pillow protectors will be cleaned and/or washed/replaced between sets of guests. All linens at The Shoalstone are professionally laundered at least 60 degrees centigrade.

Weather-permitting we will open doors/windows to achieve good ventilation during the day and we respectfully ask guests to ventilate their rooms by opening windows as often as possible.

Check out

If possible, please open the windows prior to your departure to ventilate the room.

We will only be able to check-out one party at a time, so if other guests are in the entrance hall, please wait in your room until the entrance hall has cleared.

Keys should be placed in the box at reception ready for sanitising.

Help with bringing luggage down from your room is available if required.


Should you feel unwell during your stay with any of the common Coronavirus symptoms (e.g. fever, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell) then you must notify us immediately. Consistent with Government guidance, you will be asked to check out immediately in order to self-isolate at your home address. Should your symptoms become worse you should seek medical advice. Where travel is not possible, you will be liable for all costs incurred by us and extra nights and/or services provided. This may include re-housing guests who were due to occupy your bedroom.

Should we find coronavirus on site, or one of us as owners test positive or need to self-isolate, we may need to cancel your booking at short notice. Where this happens, a full refund or alternate dates will be offered.

Whilst out and about during your stay, please maintain social distancing or wear a face covering where applicable. Please note, if you take a taxi, some have screens up, but others will ask you to wear a face covering. Face masks must be used on all forms of public transport. Please bring some face masks with you for when you are out and about.

This document is intended to describe the preventative measures we have put in place and to highlight the changes we have introduced to the way we operate our business whilst COVID-19 remains a public health emergency. The measures are not fixed and are subject to change dependent on government advice and our understanding, judgement, and discretion and guests are encouraged to check our website for any updates.

Should you require any help or have any questions before your stay, do please contact us or call us on 01803 857919.

Disclaimer: The Shoalstone Guest House cannot be held responsible for anyone contracting COVID-19 during their stay in Brixham.